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After over 30 years supplying the services denoted below, HW Associates Ltd/HW Technical Services Ltd has been incorporated

into TCS CAD & BIM Solutions Ltd in order to provide a spares service for existing Head Wrightson equipment.

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HW Technical Services Limited (formally Head Wrightson) has almost 75 years experience in the design and supply of rotary dryers, coolers and kilns and has supplied this type of equipment to more than 200 plants at home and overseas.

A simultaneous programme of design and development has enabled the company to remain in the forefront of this industry and to supply some of the largest rotary dryers in the world with shell diameters of up to 4.75m. At the design stage, special emphasis is placed upon the reliability of the mechanical and structural components, which operate continuously and often under difficult environmental conditions.

The selection of the correct type, size and rating of rotary dryer, cooler or kiln for each specific application depends upon full design evaluation of all the relevant process variables. In making such selections, HW Technical Services Limited is able to draw upon the broad background of its experience.

The mechanical design of this range of equipment is carried out at our offices, and the manufacture at specialised manufacturing sub-contractors throughout the country where facilities are available for plate fabrication, stress relieving, heavy machining, complete machine assembly and testing.

HW has a wide experience of site erection throughout the world. The company will either undertake the erection itself or supervise the installation by the clients' own workforce.

Commissioning of the dryer equipment is an important phase in ensuring the successful operation of this equipment and skilled engineers are provided for this stage as part of the Company's comprehensive site service.

Contact us for more information via e-mail : dryers@headwrightson.co.uk



Direct heat high temperature dryers are supplied in four types - H, A F & L, for drying crude ores, minerals, metallurgical concentrates and heavy chemicals.

DRYER H - Direct heat, high temperature, parallel flow of material and gases.

DRYER A - Indirect/direct heat, high temperature, counterflow of material and gases.

KILNS F&L - Direct heat, high temperature, counterflow of material and gases.

Direct heat low temperature dryers are for drying ammonium sulphate and nitrate, potassium choride, sodium choride, nitrate, sulphate and sugar, etc.

DRYER W - Direct heat, low temperature, counterflow of material and gases.

Indirect heat high temperature dryers are for kaolin, white clays, crude and precipitated chalk, cliffstone, talc and certain white pigments, etc.

DRYER B - Indirect heat, high temperature.

Indirect heat low temperature dryers are for drying brewers' grains, cotton seed, starch feed, tobacco stems, corn germs, sodium chorate, terepthalic acid, sodium bichromate, soda ash, etc.

DRYER C - Indirect heat, low temperature.

Counterflow of cool air and material for cooling chemical products, such as fertilisers.

AIR COOLER - Counterflow of cool air and material.

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